Why Living Frames?


Elegance and Versatility

A Living Frame is ideal for bringing nature into homes and offices with the potential to purify indoor air. Suitable for indoor plants, herbs and fresh cut flowers. Five plant spaces help create various designs and provides a lush finish.

Easy Maintenance

A Living Frame is extremely low maintenance due to its built-in water reservoir and automatic water feeding system. It only needs a maximum of 3 water refills a month and a low water level indicator reminds you to refill water when necessary.

Easy Installation

A Living Frame is brought to life by following 4 simple steps to add plants. They have dedicated holes at the back for easy wall mounting or can simply be placed on any flat surface.

Our Testimonials

Love mine since I don’t have a green thumb and it looks great. I am growing fresh herbs in mine sitting next to our kitchen window.

Cameron H

Quick delivery, great product! I have planted mine with moss and placed them in our bathroom. They live off steam…no maintenance, perfect!


I love these, they are so stylish. I have a design using 4 red ones in my lounge.